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Did the FTC fuck me?

Posted by WHOOKOS - 2 weeks ago

With the FTC's decent on YouTube, it looks like animators are fucked on that site. In their mind, cartoons = "appeals to kids". So what do I do? Do I remove all my videos on YouTube and only post on Newgrounds, Bitchute, and eventually my Patreon? I'm not gonna to stop posting my content.

YouTube thumbnails featuring cartoons or child friendly video game characters "appeal to children", says the FTC.

My content applies to this. Creators could face up to $42,530 fines per video.

WHATS GOING ON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXHYVWyAGcE

WHY I'M AFFECTED: https://youtu.be/0veLrwd9CK4



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the FCC already took our cartoons awayon weekday morning and afternoons along with Saturday and Sunday Morning Cartoons

>Did the FTC fuck me
I don't believe they did; just mark your youtube channel as "Not for kids".

I'm willing to do that, but there's also talk they they can still fuck me over if they find that my content does indeed "appeal to kids", even if it doesn't. Here's a video I recently watched that discusses that concept: https://youtu.be/0veLrwd9CK4

Time for alternative channels maybe? d.tube and similar? Probably hard to get a following there, but maybe a good time to start branching out for when the giants flicker and fade away... if they do.

The way YT is messing with their audience lately I feel hopeful for NG though. And that thing about them being able to simply delete channels that aren't profitable. Doesn't feel like a good place to spend too much energy on these days.

There’s always Newgrounds and Bitchute. Maybe the answer is for people to start trying to gain traffic on their own websites. They can still embed videos from these sites, so they wouldn’t have to rely on hosting video content themselves. I’m waiting to see if there’s any new developments with this mess.

Getting by as an animator on youtube is tough enough as it is.

And the solid 'cartoons = appeals to kids' mindset is annoying as frick when those type of people are in a position to decide over other's content.
There is a grey area though I think, but that's really depends the speciffic pressentation and artstyle. Some can just be plain deceptive. Take stuff like Rick and Morty or South Park, they look childish but the way they're pressented you can mostly see in one glance that it's not catered towards the kiddies (nobody lured into nasty shit).
Some other shit though, like your most steriotype furry for example. You see that Disney-esque dog face looking all jolly and shit, but when you click on the thumbnail, you get thrown into a nasty-ass pool of all sorts of weird fetishes with giant titted animals swinging their lantern-post sized dicks around.

Those are the problem sides if ya ask me, people with no sence of nuance. And on the other hand, people who aren't tactfull on presentation or who take their stuff to the wrong places. Sadly, the people who work inbetween not hurting anybody get to deal with the annoying shitty aftermath.

@Cyberdevil obviously I hope that more people will realize that NG is the place for them, animators on YouTube who are afraid of the new steps the company is taking, and that they will bring their audiences with them.

Aside from that though, one thing I've thought would be neat is if PornHub were to launch a fully safe-for-work site to rival YouTube. As far as I can tell, they are probably the only platform on the same level of resources like users and money. If anyone could make a "better YouTube" it would probably be them. I realize that some people already upload non-porn videos onto their site but obviously it would be a lot better and attract more users if they had a completely alternate site where porn and porn ads were not allowed.

I mean that’s not unrealistic. Pornhub has to have the money and resources to make something like that happen.

YouTube will always be a dangerous place for reliable income if you aren't a large studio with legal protection. It's never been stable and they change how their payment work relatively frequently which can drastically change how a channel formats their work.

Newgrounds is the last 'censorship free' site we better enjoy it while we can

@GoodL Pornhub's the future. XD Would be additional competition for NG if they did take that route... but I agree, they could be a serious alternative. Anything to disrupt the Google monopoly too; improve the service for all.

Curious what you think of decentralized or blockchain-driven alternatives though? If integrity's a consideration I don't see PornHub being that big an improvement, but there's at least a few newer players really looking to grow their audience right now.

I'd definitely like to see a new drive for actually owning and distributing your own content too, looking at how much we rely on social media giants in that regard. Hosting videos via a third-party and embedding that on your own site wouldn't take away that reliance, but at least it's easier for the creator to switch that third-party at will without losing the SEO or interaction involved with that content each time they do. Not as convenient for the audience, though, if each creator has their own place.

Maybe what we really need is a sort of directory that ties together content creators to an audience, letting people toggle between external websites via a common interface, so everyone actually has control over their stuff, but is still accessible to a larger audience. Market idea hmm...

@Cyberdevil I looked into some blockchain video hosting sites some time back. Tried one out and frankly wasnt impressed. You suggest that as an improvement in the integrity sector but honestly some of those seem even more sketchy to me.

I mean it's not all lost yet there is a huge petition on change.org for them to rethink this decision and this other website where you voiced your concerns on Dec 9 (the final decision)which maybe your concerns can be mention during the final decision and probably change. this is scaring me too but hey that probably means more will come to Newgrounds now

Can't you just set all your videos to 18+? I thought that has always been an option on YT?
Animators have always been fucked on there anyway. NG is always the best place for animators and community.

@GoodL Hmm, maybe naive of me to believe they really are all they say they are... I wasn't too impressed either but more so purely because there was no content. No good content. Subpar content creators (with exceptions of course) seeing a way to be re-discovered in a less cluttered digital commune. I like the idea though. If some of them stand the test of time and settle a bit maybe they'll be a serious option.

Just make your channel or mention your channel not kid friendly. But more for teens and adults.

Yeah, I just set up an account on here. I was looking into doing some 3D animations on YouTube, but that's gonna be out the window now. I'm not sure what website I would share 3D printed video stuff on, it's all a mess right now. Hope things are still okay for you.

NG is the best place for animation, the only issue is barely anyone uses NG anymore. people have moved on to YT but YT = shit so hopefully spreading the word gets more NG animators

Well maybe this will move more people back to Newgrounds. But that's just my wishful thinking.

The answer is yes, they fucked you.

Damn. I didn't even consent.

@SuperPCGamer @WHOOKOS Hopefully

@Domonization @WHOOKOS YouTube consented on your behalf.

Most animators and content creators are fucked by this.
So, I wouldn't be surprised if you would become another creator to be buttfucked by FTC.
Honestly, its really sad... We all are dead men walking if things dont change.

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